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Protect your horse or pet for up to 10 years without the need for a biopsy thanks to our cryopreservation and storage facility (Cord-Stem® service). A storage certificate can be provided that is transferable to future owners, ensuring the base necessity for autologous regenerative treatments with stem cell therapy in the future.

Mesenchymal stem cells are isolated from the horse umbilical cord at birth and cryogenically stored. When needed, cryopreserved cells can be reactivated to treat orthopedic injuries. This service is also an option in pets where we provide storage of their stem cells.

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wound healing

Wound healing gels for all mammals, containing physiological growth factors. It helps different types of wounds heal faster such as ulcers, pressure wounds, cavity wounds, fistulas, post-operative wounds, and exuding sloughy or necrotic wounds.

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corneal ulcers

We provide products with excellent characteristics for the treatment of spontaneous chronic cornea epithelial defect (SCCED). Depending on conditions, it has the ability to rehydrate dry eyes and promote rapid healing of the integrity of the cornea structure.

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